Redfoxygirl: Surprise Email. And She Has News

Today i found - totally unexpected - an email by Redfoxygirl in my inbox. These are the pleasant surprises that i like! She says that she came across my entry about her (from last June). She was pleased to read that and tells she wouldn't have thought that she still is popular to some extent. Redfoxygirl has such a sweet charm in her way to talk, i instantly felt reminded of the same super nice vibe coming with the few emails that we've exchanged something like 4 years ago.

Her news is that she is caming on Camgirlslive now, under the name of BustyFoxy. No mention about iFriends, but i'd guess things didn't work there as expected, so she moved to another cam hoster. iFriends is customer-friendlier in terms of giving away more and better previews, but we must understand that a camgirl wants to see some gratification for the hours she spending in front of her webcam. BustyFoxy has received a lot of ratings and reviews, so it's safe to assume that she is really committed. No real previews from her cam shows so far, but she was so sweet to send me this big and very recent image:

And here's a screen cap from her profile page. Great to see her in her unmistakable fabulous style. I still have no idea what her boob size is. All i can say is that they are very big. I'd guess that is the next thing i have to ask her ;)



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