Jaime (Melissa Manning) - Smashing Radiant And Sexy

Cosmid is the company who introduced Jaime aka Melissa Manning to larger crowds, after she had (as a one-off probably) done less than a handful image sets in 2007. Her work with the ScoreGroup then made her one of the most in demand busty models. Cosmid of course didn't sleep in the meantime and issued 2 new updates.

Can This Be A called A Dress is fresh off the presses. - Sure it's a dress :) It's the model who makes it look like something else! I got only this single image so far - it looks so smashing radiant and sexy, i don't think we need more to see to be blown away. State of art stuff again with Jaime aka Melissa Manning!

Merry Christmas Cheer is a video that came out… yes, you guessed right when. With the flood of holiday season themed releases that we're getting each year, Jaime has totally managed to shine out and not just release another redundant clip, even after the holiday season is way behind us. You can see a sample clip there. Here's a few screen caps from that:



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