Jessie Minx Wipes The Floor. Piggytails!!

The title surely doesn't sound glamorous. Recently i've featured every release with Miss Jessie Minx. That doesn't imply though that i would continue so with every update, for the sole reason that Jessie is in it.

But this one is a highlight again. Only after a few seconds of Dirty Dirty Floor, her new release on Cosmid, the 6th one now, you will not get your eyes off. Simply because the camera angle and the views are perfect, bringing Jessie's gorgeousness to full effect. And very contrary to recent comments which, after Jessie posted pictures to her Tumblr, suggested that she has lost weight. Jessie denied that. And she looks super lush in Dirty Dirty Floor, making me aware that her body, to a larger extent than this can happen with other models, looks very different depending on the camera angle.
Dirty Dirty Floor makes Jessie Minx appear fabulously curvy. It's tremendous to see her in this new Cosmid release. Her boobs look full and really big, and we notice how delicious and soft bodied she actually is. We don't get that many views of her stellar face this time. But when it comes into the image, it's a sheer delight. Jessie Minx has piggytails today!! And you can be sure that she won't wipe that floor too long. And this white wet t-shirt for sure will get off...
Screen caps from the low res Flash sample clip (50 sec).



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