Lisa Canon - Girl With Overflowing Curves From Next Door That Makes You Dream

I know. I'm quite predictable in that respect: each time when a model comes with a straight, natural, girl-next-door style of release - in particular when she predominantly does hardcore work - i'm head over heels in getting excited about her. That doesn't mean that i wouldn't like the dolled-up look too. I just think that we need more of the natural look. Cause that's the appeal that gives a girl her a deeper right-in-our-visions impact. And the standing that roots her in our memories. 

XLGirls released such an image set with Lisa Canon now. It's aptly called The Girl Next Door. So, after something like 4 hardcore releases and 3 (i believe) solo ones, she comes in jeans, a straight shirt, very little makeup, and she shines! She seems to jump right in our faces, as outgoing and bubbly. Maybe like a girl you wished to meet in your local computer store (or similar everyday life places) - unfortunately we don't find them there - with wishes to hang out with her and have unforgettable fun. On top of that deliciously personal look, Lisa Canon has this overflowing body of a BBW, crowned by a nice butt and these gorgeous and big 34G boobs. Captured to best effect i would say. These are mind-blowing visuals of an uber-hottie. Samples from the preview gallery:



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