Valory Irene: Surprise News - She Debuts On Nadine Jansen's Site

Now that caught even me by surprise. Not so long ago Score's Elliot James told that Valory Irene is Score's only contract model. I have no idea if that contract just implied for her to do a certain amount of shoots (during the time the contract is running). Or even to remain an exclusive model for Score. The latter possibility would have changed now: A first image set with Valory Irene is live on Nadine Jansen's site!!
Does that mean there will be no more updates with Valory Irene added to Score or Vallory's Vault? Hardly. Because Elliot shared this info only a couple of months ago, i'm quite sure that they've shot plenty of content to be released in the future. We just don't know whether she will do more new work with Score.

Nadine Jansen's site shows only this single image (i'm not allowed to post "leaked" content here). When i'm honest now, it doesn't look to be the best choice. At least for me, as i'm not so keen about this "MILFied" look. As well Valory doesn't show much of her typical vitality. Would see that mainly as an issue of this particular sample though. Daktari Lorenz, the photographer, always has been capable to get a hell of different looks from his models. I see amazing stuff coming! So this is surprising and super exciting news for sure.



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