Sophie Mae/Mei - This Girl Just Has It All

Sophie Mei is a very popular model. People always look when there's something new from her, and they talk about her. Here comes Rhymes with T&A on Scoreland now, a so far unreleased set of 80 images. And she totally blows me away!! Again. This girl! 

Sophie Mei has the most gorgeous 34F boobs, a butt that i'd call killerious, and she can pose! She is also a hell of dancer, what you can see in the matching 18:41 video released a while ago through Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland - there's a Flash Trailer and WMV sample clips to it. Sophie as well has an insanely sexy way to act to the camera, naturally relaxed and confident about her gifts, her talents and the skills that she has acquired. Her English sounds amazingly polished by the way. On top of that she has this face, what a beauty! And whether she smiles or looks serious, the fascination never seems stopping to increase. Makes me wonder why Sophie Mei isn't the girl who EVERYBODY would adore. Constantly.

Samples from the preview gallery  



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