Scarlett Rouge & Tiffany Star Handle A Burglar Their Way

Porn and these hilarious little plots coming with it! That's something i really would miss. Break in BBW's, just released on PlumperPass, is another fine example. It also marks Scarlett Rouge's 13th and Tiffany Star's 14th update for the network, each downloadable and coming with a few 100 images. Scarlett and Tiffany return home from shopping and notice suspicious noises. Looking for the source, they find a guy trying to break in through the backdoor. Scarlett hits him with her plastic bag. Well, usually that wouldn't kill a fly. But dude gets knocked out. Inside the house, regaining consciousness, he finds the girls teasing him, 'for punishment'. In the continuation though, they have better use for him… 

I've praised Scarlett Rouge before as the ultimate plump and busty uber-doll. I say "ultimate" because not for one cent she looks like pushing a particular image. It comes across has her natural way, although she took a while since her debut in 2009 to "grow" into this appeal. Just check her stellar look on the second sample to see what i mean. Tiffany is a pretty girl as well, with hips and a butt in another dimension. Samples from the preview gallery.

Because this a special update, PlumperPass gives us a Flash Trailer and 2 sets of WMV sample clips this time - WMV1 and WMV2. Screen shots:



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