Laura Orsolya: Playing With A Very Big Ball

Or is it a balloon? Okay, let's settle with a beach ball :D Laura Orsolya has been quite busy this year, at least compared to her output of work before. If you had asked me last year, by no means would i have expected to write my 9th entry about her now. All of them are releases for DDFBusty BTW. 

Laura's Collector's Item is her 40th update for DDFBusty, and it's, even more than the releases before, about Laura Orsolya being the sexy fun lady. A role she seems to grow more and more into. She starts playing with a red thingy… what turns out, as she pumps it up, as a huge beach ball. A well curvy girl and a ball, that's always been a attraction. Even better when she has a tremendous shape like Laura with her 40F boobs. So here's the definite the girl and her big ball show. Laura even signs her beach ball - surprises me why there only had to be one collector's item. Instead of creating more Laura's signed balls and giving them away in a contest or an auction. Laura's Collector's Item comes with 140 pics and a 22 min downloadable video in various formats. Samples from the preview gallery:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and WMV sample clips:


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