Michelle Bond (Monaghan) - Squeezing These Ripe Fruits

Michelle Monaghan aka Michelle Bond, as Score calls her, keeps being a busy girl. I've seen a lot of 'traces' of content she did for sites that i usually don't have on my radars. I've planned investigate further into that. Now she returns with the 18 mins video Kitchen Kleavage - released on Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. Like her appearance on Leanne's Stacked Summer it was shot in St. Maarten but, as it appears to me, it's not included on the DVD. Just in case you wonder.

After a nice little strip show, Michelle pays closer attention to the various fruits she finds in this kitchen. And yes, it happens both way then, as she uses her own fruits to squeeze those Caribbean grown goodies. I'm blown away again how sexy she comes across. Her delicious 32H boobs of course rule the show. While she has a way to hold her body that even increases the effect, quite noticeable on my first screen cap. I'm even fascinated by her hands here. Finally Michelle Bond's face largely contributes to the thrill that she can create. Screen caps from the WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer.  



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