Janne Hollan is Brenda on Cosmid

For today i originally had planned a different update about super adorable Janne Hollan, covering a slightly older release from another site. It has to wait now after i discovered that Cosmid has a new update with … Brenda - who actually turns out to be Jannah Hollan. And i keep using this name because she is from the Czech Republic where a girl very likely is not called Brenda.

Janne Hollan aka Brenda looks like a sincere girl, with a little shyness occasionally maybe. Well, MAYBE. Then comes this smile that is simply .... stellar! Together with her slightly plump, wonderfully curvy body fronted by these gorgeous 36F breasts. Black Lace, her 8th update for Cosmid, is a video release. Screen caps:

To give you a better idea of her work for Cosmid, here's the sample gallery of Pink Button Down which was released a couple of months ago.

Last but not least i noticed that my blogger compadre SmoothieLuv has a fresh update featuring another release with Janne Hollan. Totally worth checking out too!



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