Mandy Majestic: Domme Outfit - An Avalanche Of Epicness

After her site launch a bit more than a week ago, Mandy Majestic has made a MASSIVE splash. Not really a surprise because to find a girl with such mouthwatering 42K boobs, such a gorgeous BBW body and such a dreamgirl face, you have to search long. But you will only find Mandy Majestic. Additionally she is such a sweet talker, and she knows to word the points she is making. She is quite the total package, in every aspect.

The updates are coming. Here she is wearing a domme outfit - a sweet choice for her overflowing curviness and her radiant appeal. And Mandy shines and plays - she is an avalanche of gorgeousness. As a (minor) side observation: i don't get the point with those jumbo sized dildos (i've seen other girls using them too). But maybe my fantasies are just all at Mandy while such odd sized boxes just… come a tad in the way. But that's indeed a minor aspect face to face with Mandy Majestic's epicness. Samples from the promo gallery

A sample clip of the matching video:



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