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Here comes the final part of the Leanne's Stacked Summer DVD release featuring Leanne Crow and her busty friends gracing the lovely Caribbean place St. Maarten. The DVD is available now in Score's online shop. While the members of the Scoreland site can view this scene as well. See my entries about other episodes here and there.

Leanne's Last Day in St. Maarten shows Leanne taking a sensual bath and dressing up. It has a dedicated voyeuristic style, natural light, and its focus is to watch Leanne smoothly in her natural play. So less on getting Leanne Crow into positions where she looks more unreal and huge than she already is, but rather on getting steadily captivated by her charms and glorious sexiness. I think this is one of those scenes that will stand the test of time. Each time you watch it, the thrill grows again. Screen caps from the WMV sample clips and the Flash promo trailer:



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