Supathick Mami - Tight Huge Curves, The Epic Way

Some girls have such an array of treasures in the game, it's unbelievable. Calling them just hot wouldn't tell the whole story. SupaThick Mami is such a rare species. Of course because of her world famous butt which is not just huge, it's shape looks downright stellar. But not for a butt alone. She looks plain gorgeous all over, it's amazing. Then she is such a beauty - and, what puts her in another dimension, blessed with such an adorable natural confidence and spontaneity, you even could only watch her face and be thrilled by her intriguing looks alone.

With these black pants, which seem to be made just for her, Supathick Mami landed a super coup outfit-wise. The white bra comes as a similar mouthwatering choice - yes, i've always been a fan of her delicious boobs too. While the belt rounds off the impression of tight super-sexiness. And because she is total babe, Supathick Mami perfectly enjoys to show off her sexy wealth from all angles. Big Belt was released on her site a couple of days ago, as, if i counted properly, her 128th update.

Haha! 'Attitude' never looked more gorgeous.



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