Leanne Crow - Debuts At Scoreland

Of course it was only a matter of time till Leanne Crow would grace the pages of Scoreland. Now it's happening. And obviously they thought that Leanne is a girl well worth to think big. Right so, i would say. So they flew her to the Caribbean. That means considerable extra expenses, but then again aren't people expecting something exceptional when a company like Score is working with a model like Leanne Crow? Either way, as being rather someone with no expectations and taking positive surprises as they come, i'd still predict a bunch of mind-blowing releases to come in the next weeks and months.

For the start Leanne Crow warms up with Breast Royality, an image set so far only released on the Scoreland site. Leanne tests a retro bra… well, of course the bra type soon becomes a secondary concern - but it does look NICE! - as Leanne soon fully populates the screen with the powers of her royal curves, in particular those 32J boobs. Samples from the preview gallery:



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