Kristina Milan Elected Plumper Of The Year!

Okay, just by the subscribers of the ScoreGroup. And of course she made an extra impact because a lot of her content was shot immediately after her pregnancy, and of the extra curvage she was sporting at that time. But even now Kristina Milan is not your skinny minnie. So she would have been a candidate of mine as well.

As sort of an celebration Score releases now POY Winner, an image set so far only available for members of the Scoreland site. It's shot as well shortly post pregnancy. I think she she looks stupendous with this body stocking - royally curvy, enormous and sexy at the same time. I have to think a long time to figure a model wearing this outfit so well. I'm speaking as somebody who usually isn't the greatest body stocking fan. As well does her posing look absolutely faultless and divine. This is clearly not a filler release, it's a mind-blowing set. Samples from the promo gallery:



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