Great News: Terry Nova Is Back In Biz For New Shoots!

We did see occasional 'new' releases with Terry Nova in the last 12 months. But most (if not all) of that content was shot quite a while back. So many people have been wondering what she's up to now. Has Terry retired from modeling? Is she hiding on a tropical island just having a good time?

None of that is the case. In my mail i got the info from Busty And Beauty (her agency) that, after her hiatus, Terry Nova is now available for shoots again. So many companies hopefully will use this opportunity, book her and shoot lots of content. And not wait too long with publishing it.

In the mail from Busty And Beauty i found these shots with Terry Nova that appear to be recent. I dig these approaches with a (thankfully not overdone) more distinctive appeal. Beyond the fact that Terry is naturally blessed with a bubbly and super sexy look anyway. The last one looks particularly hot. And, oh boy, after sitting at the computer for hours now, i'd love to see a waitress like Terry now to serve me some goodies :D



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