Diane Poppos - The Spectacular Return

It's apparently the season of retired models returning to the scene! And i love that!! At least as long as the model feels comfortable that way. And i would expect a company like Score, if they had a different impression, to not go ahead with a production. Now, after a hiatus of 9 years, i hardly can think of a bigger surprise, Diane Poppos shows up again in front of professional cameras. Hardly anybody would have predicted that.

Okay, after the smoke of the surprise has cleared, how does she look like? Well, a big thumbs up: her boobs look even more huge than before, while they are in a spectacular shape. Something i needed a second to get used to is that old school MILF look - clothes, red lingerie, hairdo (in particular) etc. From outside it's impossible to tell if that's just Diane Poppos' regular look (what they decided to keep) or if Score helped it a bit. As soon as she talks, she comes across as super hot. And these boobs …!!

The return of Diane Poppos starts with 2 releases: Nine Years Later, a video with an interview, available on Score HD and a few more Score sites. And Diane Poppos Returns, an image set, so far only released only on XLGirls. Screen caps from the WMV preview clips (there is also a Flash trailer) and samples from the preview gallery:  



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