Shyla Shy - Naturally Magnificent

For some reason my Shyla Shy posts are never getting overwhelmingly many hits. I mean they're doing okay but somehow i would expect more. Does this mean that most of her fans are 'checking her' elsewhere? Or is there really only 'average good' interest in Shyla Shy? I hope not the latter is the case. Either way though, i just like this girl too much, so i'll keep posting her. At least as long as releases with her look halfway radiant.

Here we have Shyla Sucks, a BJ + TF scene (video + image set) released a couple of days ago by PlumperPass. Usually one of my lesser favorite types of content, but we're getting good visions of her extremely sexy shaped body. While her face comes across as such a turn-on again. And of course there is her amazingly natural style going for it. What an amazing girl. This is Shyla Shy's 8th release (counting videos sets and images as one) on PlumperPass. Screen caps from the Flash trailer:

Now that is a smile :D



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