Dors Feline - Suited Cat + Fancy Body. Or the Other Way Around?

Score continues the quick succession of Dors Feline releases with another video and the 2nd photo set. Body Suited is her 4th video from the Caribbean (her 7th altogether). And i'd rate it as the best yet by far! That might look a bit surprising to say that after it is shot indoors, while outdoors shots usually steal the thunder. But this one looks just too good in terms of camera angles and catching Dors' essence. While Dors' herself apparently was in a particularly sparkling vibe here compared to her other Caribbean work so far. Screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV clips

Cat Fancy, Dors Feline's 2nd image set for the ScoreGroup, is the 1st one released on the Scoreland site (as usual, you have to check the Model Directories below to find out which content has been released where). I think these images are downright mind-blowing. Dors' assets of course are super stunning. Here she gives more proof of how similarly rare and exciting her posing skills are as well. What a stellar work. Cat Fancy btw is the matching image set to the Dors Goes Retro video. Samples from the preview gallery:

After Dors Feline's rather dramatic looking departure from the industry, i recommend to you to read my comment A Sour Taste on my other blog. You hardly will find more perspectives elsewhere. I know i'm bigging up my own shit here. But in the same way i wouldn't have a problem to own up when i fail or when somebody else is doing the much better job. We're all just doing our thing.



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