Dors Feline: Score + Personal Site Updates - Retires!! - My Comment (Announcement)

On the prime of her popularity, Scoreland flew Dors Feline to the Caribbean. After Feline-eous, they've released very quickly the next two scenes to a variety of their sites, with Score2Go and ScoreHD having them both (check Model Directories below for details). Dors unleashes her charms and treasures, blazing from all angles. A shining delight. Dors At The Beach and Bikini Glory again are video only releases. Screen caps from the WMV clips and the Flash trailer (Dors At The Beach):   

Screen caps from the WMV clips and the Flash trailer (Bikini Glory):  

Meanwhile her personal site has kept the regular flow of weekly updates. Dors Feline's looks more personal, almost private here. These shots have an enticing quality - very sexy in slightly different way. These are lasting impressions.

The bad news is Dors Feline's decision to retire , announced by herself on April 16th (Saturday). There is unreleased content in the vaults. So her personal site will be continued. Probably other sites have some stuff left to publish as well. I have written a critical comment on her departure on my other blogSo check Dors Feline's Announcement To Retire - A Sour Taste



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