Anorei Collins 37 Weeks Pregnant Video. And More Updates.

Anorei Collins has posted another longer good quality video to her Youtube account. Of course she does show how big her belly and her belly have gotten now in the 37th week of her pregnancy. She mentions that another huge update is released on her site. And answers more (pregnancy related) questions. It's amazing with how much patience, how relaxed and also cute she is with all these questions. Did you know btw that Anorei is a surrogate mother? Some people assume an attitude even behind that. Oh boy! The video is hotlinked below. A few screen caps first:

For better quality switch to 720p

Anorei also posted a few more samples from her previous update. Her ass looks murderously tasty too, doesn't it?

Finally she has on her blog a first taste of breast pump action to come. See the complete preview there.



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