Shione Cooper + Sophie Mei - Casual, At Their Cutest And Dandiest [Upd. 12-01-25]

Lipstick111 have released a video and a image set of Shione Cooper & Sophie Mei gracing the Charles Bridge. I've posted a few samples pix in this entry where they probably got buried under the massive series of captures of Shione's shower. In the meantime i've checked Charles Bridge again, in particular the video. We just see Shione Cooper and Sophie Mei walking arm in arm on Prague's most famous bridge, taking photos of each other, being sweet, sexy girls with very adorable personalties - fully dressed of course. The release could be seen as random vacation footage. When watching it however i can't help smiling all over my face, and it's impossible to escape its stellar charm. Both girls are so irresistibly cute and gorgeous, it's supernatural.

Shione is the more energetic one of them, as usually being one step ahead and taking most of the pictures. It's amazing to see her being all smiles again, while, as i said before, sans interaction with another person, she often shows a don't-mess-with-me expression (which looks VERY adorable and sexy too though). Sophie reveals a whole different appeal compared to her work for other companies as well - a bit shy at times, uber-cute, totally genuine (like Shione), with a mild smirk (so better don't underestimate her) - she shines! Shione and Sophie make such an epic team together on this Lipstick111 release, it's amazing. A whole bunch of screenshots from the promo clip:

Yes Shione, Punk's Not Dead :D 
Shione Cooper + Sophie Mei

[Update: a few hours after my entry Lipstick111 issued a higher res preview clip. So i updated with better quality screen shots. Not too much work with a capture tool like Snapz Pro]



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