Nadine Jansen - Car Fantasies

There's some very remarkable consistency about Nadine Jansen's updates. Of course the sheer unbelievable sexiness of her body. The outstanding quality of her photos, courtesy of Mr. Daktari Lorenz. Also the microcosm of subtleties in her look, something that makes her probably a bit of an enigma, but in the most adorable way. These are things we probably all are taking for granted. Another aspect i've noticed in this brand new update again is her consistency with wearing jeans (often together with a quite simple top). A casual look has become extremely popular, in particular with curvy models (no surprise why). So it even can be that Nadine has hugely popularized that look, without people calling it casual in Nadine's case. Quite remarkable actually, isn't it? Either way, the overall effect is impressive in a big way. Pink Angora Top, as the update is officially called, just got released. 



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