Leanne Crow - In Black, Surprising

It strikes me by surprise sometimes how different a model can look on the actual display compared to the image stored of her in my head. This may have various reasons: The model has such a variety of looks, so that she always can make a (surprising) splash. The model has a few distinctive signature looks which 'overshadow' (in our memory) the more subtle variations she is able to show in her actual work. Or the model has different looks on photos and videos, with the pictures tending to have a stronger and more 'image-building' effect than the flow of impressions from videos. All these aspects seem to be valid for Leanne Crow… She might want to have to keep a close eye the 2nd aspect…

DDFBusty released this update back in January, and somehow i didn't see it as a must-feature instantly. But after checking it again it have to blog about it. The images of the promo set just show an established look of Leanne Crow - very nice, and the black/hot pink outfit makes a strong impression. In the video however Leanne makes the real splash! The looks that she shows there are something else, so enticing and drop dead gorgeous. And loading up the scene in such an awesome way, so that when her boobies are taking over, the effect is getting downright stellar… See screenshots first.

More Leanne Crow

Leanne Crow has announced that her personal site will go live soon - a place not to be missed.



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