Leah Jayne - Rolling And Bubbling With Omar

Leah Jayne just has it. When a new update with her is released, i usually find me checking longer than originally planned. Her juicy voluptuoucity gets all the attention, easily. She also has a very special aura going - this natural and 'unbroken' sensuality, together with that look of a kid that doesn't fall for the first miracle. Leah Jayne as well may seem a bit reluctant, but that works as part of the deal and in favor of her gorgeousness. I wonder however why she always seems to have those dark eye-liners, as if she wanted to hide her eyes. More "eyes" certainly would increase her vibrancy.

After a relatively unusual solo set which i missed to feature - Leah Jayne with boxing gloves and playing with a punching back (very nice!) - PlumperPass now issued a HC/interracial scene. Leah Jayne with good ole Omar. Almost had skipped this one too, as the thick yellow shade on the  preview pics looks quite… well, unattractive. The preview clips don't have that. But their width is squeezed. So you hardly can grasp Leah Jayne's dimensions. After fixing the aspect ratio her addictive dimensions unveil in their unbroken glory. Amazing again, how gorgeous Leah Jayne is. If rumors are true, this might be one of her last scenes… Screen shots first, then samples.  



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