Kristina Milan - Dream Girl Look [Update]

Scoreland have released another image set with Kristina Milan. At first i completely missed the preview gallery for Milky Jugs Mom, just caught this one image posted on their blog, together with 2nd image from another upcoming set (which you have to check yourself because Scoreland otherwise would probably kill me). Must say i'm really excited about this set.. Maybe not for the reasons you would expect though. This set was taken about one year ago, very shortly after she had her baby. So her boobies were plain huge and dripping milk. I know that this is extremely fascinating for a bunch of you guys. While i personally am not so much into those kind of fantasies, and always loved Kristina for being a quite regular girl, beautiful, and with those stupendous curves. So at her more regular size, which is still much bigger than pre-pregnancy, with only with a breathe of her impersonation she gets me easily on cloud 9. Anytime.

This plain white top totally does it for me. And it flies so nicely with her similarly straight, mainly attentive expression. Adding so much 'space' and adorable personality to her look. Kristina Milan looks incredibly radiant here. What did i say? Yes, dream girl material. This image set so far has only been released on



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