Hillary Hooterz - Returns In Her 'Classical' Style

Her blonde period added an interesting extra dimension. But after seeing it again, i instantly felt confirmed that brunette shines out as the essential Hillary Hooterz look. One of Hillary's probably less officially acclaimed, but certainly most efficient weapons is her crazy cute 'the eternal kid' smile, an impression that nobody can do like Hillary. And i feel that this smile comes to maximum effect together with her brunette look. - Yes, i've checked her personal clips4sale store, all current updates show her as a brunette too.

After a longer absence from mainstream work (unless i've missed something - somebody correct me if so), Hillary Hooterz returns to PlumperPass. It's a solo scene. Hillary takes the stage, to ring the alarm for an out of control flight with her natural playfulness. But before things get to that point, no more questions are asked anyway after this look, right? 

Screenshots taken from the preview trailer: 



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