Haydee Rodriguez - The Boobie And Belly Wonder

If i ever turned into a photographer, Haydee Rodriguez is one of the girls i certainly wanted to shoot. If she doesn't have the curves of the ultimate bomba, then who else? But also because i would see it as my task to get more lifeliness out of her. I know i said in my previous entry that Haydee is Haydee, and that there's no need to turn her into somebody else. But i also know that she has a wicked sense of humor and quite some energy - attractive qualities, making me wonder why she shows them so rarely. I'd love to get more of that. As a photographer i would probably tell her the silliest jokes she ever heard. Or my half baked knowledge about Greek philosophy - who knows, eventually she would hate me and look even more reserved haha… Serious pan failure!

This most recent PlumperPass update shows the typical Haydee Rodriguez. Her world famous spectacular boobies, this supernatural belly, her sexy roundness, but also her rather passive way, with mostly just letting get things done with her. I mentioned that aspect from a 'half full' perspective, as Haydee surely is bombastic to watch. It's a HC scene, so expect her (no surprise here) getting pounded from all angles and holes. Samples/screenshot from the preview gallery and the sample clips



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