Carmella Bing - Bigger Than The Fantasies (shorter comment)

Pun intended in my title :D So Carmella looks much bigger now on this recent release. That made a good number of fans go ballistic, in their comments. Calling her the whole range of derogatory words. And eventually culminating in the verdict that Carmella shouldn't have been allowed to issue any photos till she has dieted to her earlier shape. Cause she has ruined the fantasy!

People think that having a fantasy of Carmella (or insert other model here), means that they own and control her look? And when she doesn't match the image, she gets (verbally) chased out of town, with throwing stones at her? That's insane. Nothing wrong with an honest opinion, worded that way. In the end we're talking about something that's a business as well, the adult industry. But bursting out with an almost religious contempt and calling a model words as if she were a menace to human common sense, that's neanderthal. Actually lower. The ugliness of such a rant actually presents only one ugly human being, the person performing that rant.

Carmella Bing never was a size 0. On this new release by PlumperPass she looks like a real plumper. With the win of bigger boobies. And also, that's very noticeable, her face looks more relaxed now. Carmella almost seems to glow. For me personally her softer and more radiant version works as a serious turn on for me. Screenshots from the promo clip first, gallery samples below

You find a longer comment of mine on Beyond The Hype



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