Bettie Pumpkin Is Live With Her New Home

Bettie Pumpkin announced it officially today: She is on a new site now, dedicated (mainly) to her sexy self and her multi-faceted looks and talents. So i assume that there will be no more updates for PlumpDolls - the site where she has been sharing the stage with a whole crew of plump and curvy models. Although her content (just checked) is still available there. 

Betty's new home so far presents a mixture of old and new sets plus one quest model. Fair enough, if you ask me. I've praised this super juicy and busty beauty before, so hopefully the new place will give her the thunder that she really deserves. And don't get fooled by that innocent look! Betty can kick some serious ass. But, after you've learned that, she is amazingly sweet. Talk about a girl with a whole range of fun to offer.  



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