Laura M Returns As Lady In Black

It's been a while - years actually since Laura M aka Orsolya has shot new content. A lot of fans have been missing her. Now DDFBusty released this new update, her 34th for their site… Hell, i had to clean my glasses, to make sure to get the right idea: Laura looks like 3 or 4 years ago! But i think it's new content. Because i haven't seen this one before (i'm quite familiar with her work) - okay, it could be so far unpublished content. But also because she sports those more recent tats on her arms. Laura didn't have them in the 2008 releases which showed her at her biggest size (scroll down for a sample). 

Of course there will be different reactions. Some will call for the heavier Laura, others will be happy about her slightly plump look. Either way, Laura has quite a strong physique to begin with, and still curves to get lost in for days. And with that unique look she totally shines out, ensuring my undivided attention. Her return is big news. There's only one request i would have: To see her fully nude. 

Bigger Laura, no tats on her arms, from a 2008 DDFBusty update:

Lady in black:


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