Ashley Sage Ellison Plays Your Favorite Tune

Probably… My first idea for the title had been Ashley Plays The Flute. But then a few people would have hoped to see Ashley giving head. And would have felt tricked into visiting my blog. Of course there are speculations about Ashley Sage Ellison. She obviously has or has had an exclusive contract with Scoreland not allowing her to shoot with other producers. And it seems all the content released by the Scoreland sites has all been shot about the same time, quite a while ago - concluding from her unchanging look. That's why people are wondering… (while i'm just summarizing what people are talking)

The idea to do a set with a flute is nice. Giving Ashley a perfect go to show off as a sweet darling and smiling girl. Truly enchanting. In the continuation she will lay the flute aside and give us perfect views onto her scrumptious herself, in particular on what have made her one of the most popular models, her mouthwatering boobies. Surely one of her best image sets so far.



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